Patients come to our clinic with severe pain but the reason is not any decayed or fractured tooth.

In most of the cases is due to bruxism.

Bruxism happens mostly during night time but can also happen at daytime. patients lock their jaws and muscles contract strong and they may cause tooth necrosis.

Everybody does bruxism but the problem comes to the intensity of bruxism of each patient.

Bruxism cannot be treated but it can confront.

Sometimes bruxism can occur because of anxiety and stress and some others because of a bad dental work.

Type of treatments we recommend are

  • Night guards, different for each case
  • Physiotherapy, kinesiology
  • Advise the patient to go to a psychiatrist to confront his anxiety and stress if we understand that that’s the problem of the patient.
  • Painkillers in severe pain cases
  • In the most extreme cases, we recommend muscle relaxant pharmacies

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