Oral surgery

Oral surgery treatments we can offer you are:

Impacted/semi-impacted wisdom teeth:


  • Pain in the area
  • Inflammation around the wisdoms
  • Orthodontic treatment
  • Pushing the neighbouring teeth if they don’t have enough space for an eruption and cause misalignment of the existing teeth
  • Cause resorption of the roots of the 2nd molar

Extraction of extra numerical teeth:

Is a rare phenomenon which appears in some patients. They can have extra numerical teeth and they have to be extracted in order to give the proper tooth alignment of the teeth. In case the extra numerical teeth will stay in the oral cavity it will take the place of the normal tooth and it will affect misalignment of the dentition

Extraction of dental roots:

In the case of fracture of the dental crown and remaining of the root in the oral cavity

Extraction of any premolar in case of orthodontic treatment

In order to achieve the correct alignment of the dentition in some cases is recommended to extract the premolars.

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