Esthetic dentistry

Esthetics, in general, is ‘’the branch of philosophy dealing with the nature of beauty and with judgement concerning with beauty’’ (oxford dictionary).

Smiling is an unseparated reaction of our life. We always have a smile while we see our friends, family and generally during in our everyday life. Beautiful teeth will represent a beautiful smile and make you more confident. Nowadays esthetic dentistry is very popular for that reason.

Treatments we can offer you:

1)Teeth bleaching (teeth whitening):

it’s a conservative method that makes your teeth whiter without removing any tooth material, just by application of a chemical agent (hydrogen peroxide or carbonic peroxide) to oxidize the organic pigmentation of the tooth and the results we can offer you are just amazing.

Our clinic offer’s you the best tooth whitening system ‘’BEYOND Polus’’ that can give’s you until 5 shades whiter teeth.

2)Composite veneers:

is the most conservative method to create esthetic teeth by adding composite material (tooth coloured filling material) at the labial (external) surface of the anterior teeth and create dental veneers.

Although is a cheaper solution with a shorter lifetime than porcelain veneers still, it gives you promising results.

3)Porcelain veneers:

is a conservative method to recreate the most natural and aesthetic look of your teeth by removing a small amount of tooth material.

is a thin shell made by the dental technician and it covers the frontal surface of your teeth in order to recreate your smile, it can correct minor orthodontic problems, fill the gaps between your teeth and also gives a better length, shape, colour, size appearances to your teeth.

4)Porcelain crowns:

Is a full tooth covering crown that is not a conservative treatment but fully aesthetic for frontal teeth. It’s made by the dental technician in the dental laboratory and he will achieve the best aesthetic results for length, shape, colour and size appearance of your teeth.

we recommend porcelain crown for the frontal endodontic treated teeth because endodontic treated teeth have the tendency for discolouration and breakage after few years.

Porcelain crowns have the longest lifetime of all the aesthetic treatments we can offer you.

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