Cariology is the field of dentistry that study and treats carious infected teeth.

Carries causes the destruction of tooth structure and can affect all the surfaces of the tooth. During your check-up in our clinic, we will inspect all your teeth and diagnose if there is a carious lesion.

If we will insect carious lesion in your mouth, we will clean the carries completely and create an esthetic restoration in your tooth.

The reason you should do your dental filling is because carries can invade into the pulp chamber and infect the vital part of your tooth and cause pain. In case we won’t treat it immediately bacterias can reach the pulp and you might need endodontic treatment.

In our clinic, we treat your decay teeth with composite (white) filling material in order to be aesthetic and look like a natural tooth.

How cavitation occurs:

  • Carries is an infectious disease fully dependent by sugar
  • Acid is produced as a byproduct of carbs by plaque bacteria which result in a decrease in oral cavity pH
  • When the pH drops the calcium and phosphate ions leave from the tooth surface and it can cause demineralization
  • When pH rise again that process is reversed
  • There is a constant demineralization and remineralization of the tooth structure.

If the demineralization is more than remineralization we have cavitation.

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